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This template make a 2 beautiful sizes of folded cards in the shape of an envelope with a card that pulls out from the top.  The smaller card is ideal to use as a topper to go onto a card or onto your scrapbook page to put a special message inside.  The larger design card be used as a card in its own right.  Makes beautiful invitations or special birthdays etc.  Very easy to make when using the template.


This template has been designed with a difference.  Your finished card design will be fixed in four places which stops your toppers from falling forwards.  This enables you to use bigger toppers  and also allow you to place your toppers at different positions.  Watch out for the different card designs to give you inspiration.



This template can either be used as a card or as a topper ontop of a card. A tab at the top of the template enables you to pull upwards to reveal a message or another image.  Inside the packaging, four foam strips are supplied to enable you to turn you pop up into a box.  Full written & photographic instructions are given.



This is not just a Never Ending Template. We have included extra elements to make your Never Ending a complete project. 

Within the template we have added 4 different photo corners to enable you to attach your never Ending to the front or inside of an A5 card.  These are also ideal for attaching vellum to cards or scrapbooking pagers.  Layering templates are also included for you to use with the Never Ending or simply to use as laying templates for your other card projects.

Photographs and full written instuctions are given.  All of our templates are made from good quality polypropylene which is washable.  Good to use with all your inks and ink pads to make background.

£9.99 . 


Template to make a card with sliding cards to come out from the sides or turned around the other way to by pulled up to reveal another card at the bottom.  Photographs and full written instructions.



An exciting template to make your cards extra special.  Will be loved by children and adults.  It works by turning the tab around.  In the picture above it is the monkeys tail you would move around to reveal more stamped images and a greeting.  you can let your imagination run wild.

The template is simple to use and comes with photographs and full written instructions.


This template will give your receiver the element of surprise.  When you pull the tab at the top, the plain image in the front will suddenly become colourful.  Children and Adults will love it.

The template is simple to use.  Photographs and full written instructions are given.
As with all our templates, they are made from good quality polyproylene and made in the UK

£ 6.99


Designed for you to make 3D or flat cards. 
Photographs and written instructions.

A versatile template that can inspire your imagination. 
You can make from this template 2 styles of 3D Boxes, Wardrobe, Cross, Gatefold, with or without an aperture, Screens, Grandfather Clock and so much more.

The instructions for the 3D Boxes, Cross and Grandfather Clock are included within the instructions.  As more designs are acheived, instructions will be written and sent on to you 
if you have left your details with us.


To purchase a Deco Template you can either send a cheque to
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