Tuesday, 15 March 2011

New Templates Launched

Stationery Set Template

The above has been made using our recently launched Stationery Set Template.  The set includes the 2 cover boards and one spine cover board.  Templates to complete the inside of the stationery set.
Comes with Photographs and full written instructions.
An ideal gift that could be decorated to suit the person in mind.
Craft Cd's are a perfect way to decorate your stationery boxes as they have papers, toppers and stationery all to match.
Boxes available to fit your finished Stationery box.  The box can be decorated with the same papers, inks etc.  The top of the box is clear poly prop. Each box costs £3.95.  If you sell your projects, this is a perfect way to present your Stationery Set.
To buy the template £8.99

Extra covers boards for the Stationery Set are sold in packs of two for £2.99

If you would like to purchase the above, either send a cheque in the post to
Creative Craft Cabin
Shop 2, Longfield Road
Berkshire RG10 9AN
or call Jeanette 0118 9345666

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  1. MId way through making my first one, and I love it. Tracyx